Brad Paisley “Love And War” – Radio Special

Want to get to know Brad Paisley‘s album “LOVE AND WAR” a little better? Brad Paisley is here to help you out! 

In this one hour radio special Brad Paisley takes you through his new album “LOVE AND WAR”, starting with “Today,” and ending with “Last Time For Everything,” — in between Brad shares stories about the songs, and special guests on the album. Brad reveals what special touch made “Contact High” work, how he and Timbaland connected over bluegrass music to make “Grey Goose Chase,” why John Fogerty was the only one who could join him on the title track “Love and War,” how he wrote “Gold All Over The Ground” with Johnny Cash, and how his “Drive Of Shame” singing partner Mick Jagger can’t get no satisfaction…and a lot more!

Check it out Tuesday, April 25th, at 8pm CDT on the TBJS Radio Network!